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Armedangels, the Eco & Faire fashion label


ArmedANGELS , THE fashion label from Cologne. Founded in 2007, the label stands for Eco & Fair Fashion, and they also impress with an excellently designed collection. Often in minimalist style as well as unusual patterns.

Instead of fast-fashion timeless design, regenerative & sustainable materials instead of cheap mass-produced goods and fair productions instead of wage slavery. You have the choice!

Why do the words “fair & eco” contradict many people’s “modern & beautiful”? For the fire, that’s the challenge, no question. Everyone loves beautiful products and sustainable, modern design. Timeless fashion instead of running behind trends. High quality and sustainable collections instead of inferior mass-produced goods. Fair & honest products without a lot of frills.

Sustainable Materials at Armedangels

Instead of cheap bulk goods, Sustainable Materials is THE Credo here

Fast and cheap is not available at the Cologne label. The booming fast-fashion industry is no longer lagging behind, the use of genetic engineering, pesticides, nerve venom and enormous amounts of water is the order of the day here, as well as wage slavery. Humanity is fed up with the indifference and disrespect with which our environment is treated. For Armedangels, organic is not a trend, but a must. In their statement, they represent taking responsibility for our environment and rely on renewable raw materials and recycled & regenerative materials.

Armedangels produces its collection exclusively from high-qualitynatural fabrics as well as organic cotton, organic wool,viscose fiber from Lenzing Ecoverco, recycled plastic, organic linen,tencel lyocell (cellulose fiber) and Kapok.

Armedangels is GOTS certified

The Global Organic Textile Standard can only be found on garments that come from controlled organic farming. This means that all parts were produced from materials treated without pesticides or other pollutants. In addition, the cotton is picked by hand.


Armedangels pays attention to fair trade. Fairtrade stands for improving the standard of life of small holder farmers in the poorest countries of the world. for example, community projects such as the construction of schools or hospitals are supported. The focus is on the payment of minimum wages that comply with legal or industry standards. Prohibition of discrimination, prohibition of child labour and forced labour and safety at work.

Armedangels Facts:


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