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Clothing made of sustainable materials

For us, sustainability is not a trend,but a basic attitude. The responsibility of our clothing towards the environment is also amust. Shoppe with us clothing made of sustainable materials.

Here we show you articles from renewable raw materials and recycled materials.

You can see exactly which sustainable material is in each individual product in the description.

Organic Cotton

Cotton from certified organic farming. Organic cotton, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Clothing made of sustainable materials –

Recycled plastic

Here, purified beverage bottles are melted down and processed into yarn. These products are made of recycled plastic and have a long lifespan, breathable, energy-saving and beautifully fluffy.

Organic linen

Linen (flax) is one of the oldest crops, it is soft, durable and light. In the case of organic linen, the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers and genetic engineering is completely dispensed with. It is ideal for the production of clothing made of sustainable materials.

Organic wool

Chlorine and mulesing-free wool from controlled organic livestock farming.


The most environmentally friendly viscose fibre LENZING ECOVERO is worldwide. This material falls wonderfully light, lies comfortably on the skin and gives your clothes a silky shiny look. This new cellulose fibre is made from European wood and produced in Austria at Lenzing.

TENCEL Lyocell

Lyocell’s fiber production is particularly environmentally friendly. Lyocell is a natural and particularly sustainable cellulose fibre, because it is made from wood.

Join in and rely on clothing made of sustainable materials.

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