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Girls are Awesome
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Girls are Awesome

Girls are Awesome

Celebrate Women!

A statement that we celebrate personally. We are 100% fan of the idea of Girls Are Awesome. Now we would like to introduce you to the unique blog. The online platform is from Copenhagen and is a global forum of women for women. Important topics of the women’s movement include pushing feminine role models, gender equality.

GAA encourages thinking and points to the reassessment of traditional gender roles. Why, for example, are all media hyped athletes men for the most part? Why are most politicians men?

Unfortunately, in today’s society, women are still often disadvantaged, especially because of their gender. As a result, the international women’s movement stands for more recognition of women and their achievements. They spread their message and their statement around the world. For this, Girls are Awesome uses her online blog, podcasts and events from which they report live on . In these channels, female role models are featured and their story told. GGA reports on events, parties, concerts, lifestyles and sporting successes. Have a look! Feminist role models such as athletes, skateboarders, snowboarders, surfers, artists and musicians are part of the community.

Girls are Awesome – Werde Teil dieses Statements

Become part of this statement and present it with pride. New in our specially selected brand portfolio under apparelyou can now find Girls are Awesome. Join the Girls are Awesome movement and check out the merchandise collection such as T-shirts, long-sleevesshirts caps and hats. The collection was made in Europe and convinces by its very good quality. There are beautiful merino lamb wool hats with a small statement label on the side. For the summer you will find cool caps. For those who like it a little bigger, there are logo T-shirts as well as hooded sweaters made of 100 cotton in all colors that the heart desires. Together we are strong.

Celebrate Women!

Click here to go to the Girls Are Awesome Blog

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