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    Pant Based

    SASSTIE hair clips are more than just a stylish accessory, they are also a good choice for the environment. The products are made of 98% cellulose acetate resin, a material based on naturally renewable raw materials. These raw materials, such as the pulp of numerous fruits and vegetables, are carefully selected and processed to create a high-quality and sustainable product. With these hair clips you can fix your hair stylishly and responsibly at the same time.

    All-Day Comfort with Sasstie Braces

    The All-Day-Comfort hair clip is the solution for those looking for a comfortable and secure hair clip all day long. By using materials that are gentle on the hair and scalp, the clip is gentle on your hair and scalp. The rounded and polished ends ensure that your hair is not damaged and you can enjoy a comfortable feel throughout the day. Say goodbye to awkward hair clips and enjoy a perfect and comfortable look all day long

    All-Day Hold

    Sasstie provides the ultimate all-day support. Thanks to the innovative All-Day-Hold technology, you’ll never have to fret about hanging strands or a floppy hairstyle again. The clips provide a strong hold without being annoying to press, scratch or damage the hair.

    Sasstie – Real unique

    SASSTIE hair clips are more than just an accessory. Every single clamp is unique due to individual production processes and color gradients. No two brackets are alike and each has its own color grain. This uniqueness makes the hair clips special and different from other products on the market. With a SASSTIE hair clip, you’re not just wearing an accessory, but a piece of individual beauty in your hair, just like you are.

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