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Amuse Society

Beach Vida Bling – Amuse Society

Hats for women

Hats for women

The label was founded in 2015 by Mandy Fry and Summer Rapp in California. The label impresses with its unique look. Brilliant, confident and interested in fashion. The style is unique. A bit of hippie, a portion of vintage look and not toforget the topping must be rocky. Amuse Society tells fashion stories in a whole new style.

The Amuse Style lives through specifically selected brands ambassadors. The brand relies on great, expressive women with a very special charisma, but is simply unique in itself. The brand ambassadors put themselves in the spotlight, with beautiful fashion that underlines the special, leaves plenty of room for imagination and above all creativity.

Whether you’re looking for an outfit for the city to stroll around New York like model Georgia Fowler, or looking for new beach wear, as professional surfer Isabella Veliz Vazquez wears. Amuse Society is the answer.

Whether long boho maxi dressesor jumpsuits in a retro look, with the IT pieces from Amuse Societyyou are always top styled. The unique hippie chic look makes you shine, whether you’re at a party or onvacation. The high-quality materials are elegantly placed around your figure, a real eye-catcher. For everyday use, Amuse Society offers trendy jeans, fabric pants and airy blouses.

How about a beautiful kimono for the beach? Or a fashionable but functional lycra for surfing? Amuse Society has a great Beach Wear collection that is impressive. In addition, the bikinis and swimsuits are a real must-have. They convince with a very soft material and beautiful patterns. The cuts also remind us of the sixties, seventies and eighties – real style pieces!

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