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In this category you will find samples and stock that would otherwise not have made it into the shops. Instead of just burning them like big companies, we want to give these pieces a 2nd chance. The best is we sell these pieces cheaper.

Samples and stock goods


Here you will find sample pieces from past collections. The quality is no worse than new goods, on the contrary. Evt. you can even find one or the other unique piece that wasnever produced.


In many warehouses of the labels, stock accumulates. For example – Doesn’t it matter if your striped T-shirt is from last or this season? It’s a striped T-shirt.

Zero Waste

What would our world with less garbage look like? Definitely better… Again, we can save a lot of Texil garbage by getting the stock or samples back on themarket.

Reuse, Recycle, Reduce is our motto – everyone can contribute to it.

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