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SKU: 12

24 Colours OUTFIT #12 – Buy complete outfits, in the outfit these parts are 10 cheaper!

Dr.Denim Top Mya black – Read more here…


Dr.Denim Aiko pink jeans with flared legs in pink. Read more here…

Inspired? Here you can buy more whole outfits & view.

Dr.Denim is a Swedish brand from Gothenburg and produces the timeless classic denim. The models impress with perfect cuts and high-quality materials. For some years now, Dr. Denim has been mixing up the market quite nicely. The jeans manufacturer’s diverse models never go out of fashion. Here the very latest jeans trends are developed and Dr. Denim comes back again and again with trousers that do not existbefore.

Outfit - Top
Outfit - Bottom

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