MIZU Life Thermos Bottle S6 Pink

MIZU Life Thermos Bottle S6 Pink

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SKU: M1110201.3029
  • 18/8 Food stainless steel
  • Double-walled insulation
  • 100% BPA Free
  • 100% Recyclable

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MIZU Life Thermos Bottle S6 Rosa – The double-walled Mizu Life stainless steel thermos bottle in white keeps 12 hours warm and 12 hours cold. This good piece fits perfectly into the beverage holder in your car, backpack or bag…

Mizu Drinking bottles, coffee cups and straws

Mizu Life not only sells an adventurous lifestyle, it is lived. The durable Mizu products provide 24-hour cold water and hot steaming coffee.

All Mizu productshave a lifetime warranty.

Zero Waste

In addition, the drinking bottles, coffee cups and straws made of stainless steel are extremely environmentally friendly.
why? You don’t have to be happy with a new paper/plastic coffee mug from your favorite coffee shop every morning. Just wash out your Mizu coffee mug and present it every day on a new one at the coffee counter of your trust. The stainless steel straws replace the One Way plastic stohstraws. And how about a refreshing cold water from the stainless steel bottle instead of consuming plastic bottles? But who says that such an environmentally friendly product cannot look good at the same time?
Not Mizu. For this reason, the brand focuses on upscale design and innovative materials.



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