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    Dr.BronnerDr Bronner

    The raw materials of this miracle soap from Dr Bronner come from Fairtrade projects with small farmers who cultivate organic and/or biodynamic farming. The valuable oils contained in the soap are already leached and, when in contact with water, result in a fine-pored velvety foam. You only need a few drops of soap. Dr.Bronner’s Magic Soap is super productive! In addition, foaming, PEG and parabens are dispensed with in the soap. After application, your skin not only feels clean, but is cared for by the moisturizing ingredients. According to the “All-One” principle, it protects not only the producers of raw materials, but also the environment and its flora and fauna. That’s why all Dr. Bronner’s soaps are biodegradable in 100, in other words you can wash yourself with them, e.g. in the river or in the sea without polluting the environment. All packaging of the products is made of recycled materials.


    Dr. Bronner’s soap can do more than just wash hands! Here are the 18 different applications:

    Shampoo/ Travel Shampoo
    Facial cleansing
    Wet shaving (shaving soap)
    Hand soap
    Shower gel
    Foot care bath
    Relaxation bath
    Baby care
    Animal shampoo
    Fruit cleaner
    Hand-washing agent
    Stain remover
    Brush cleaner

    Certified to National Organic Standards, ourlotions are based on pure organic vegetable oils, free of petrochemically modified ingredients and preservatives. The jojoba oil provides the skin with particularly good moisture due to its similarity with the skin’s own fats. Coconut oil supports the absorption of the lotion, while the hemp oil and the avocado oil give the skin smoothness and suppleness. Only the finest biological essential oils are used for the fragrance. Dr. Bronner’s body lotions also consist of fair traded raw materials, which are regularly reviewed by the respected Swiss certification company IMO. With Dr. Bronner’s, you can help make the world a little better every day. “We are All-One or None”.

    Certified with the NATRUE and BDIH seals, our Bio Magic Balm consists of pure organic ingredients and includes our Fair Trade certified oils, as well as sustainably and ethically harvested beeswax. The Bio Magic Balm is free of petrochemically modified ingredients. With Dr. Bronner’s, you can help make the world a little better every day. “We are All-One or None!” .Dr.bronners


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