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Sustainable mobile phone cases

Wow THE sustainable phone case you’ve always dreamed of! Protect both your phone and the environment with the biodegradable phone case of 24 Colours. This smartphone case is 100 compostable. Say NO to plastic,the case both the packaging are plastic free!

Material composition cover: 75 PBAT, 10 PLA, 10 bamboo fiber, 3 talc, 2 calcium carbonate,
Chain: 100 polyester

PBAT: The sustainable mobile phone case biodegrades in the soil and leaves no microplastics.
PLA: Also called bioplastic, is made from corn starch and lactic acid, is bio-based and biodegradable.
No BPA or lead used.

In order to be able to decompose the material optimally, we recommend disposing of the mobile phone cases not at home in organic waste, but on the compost or in industrial composting plants.
Packaging compostable. Polyester chains must be disposed of separately.

Compatible with Wireless Charging.

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