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Belts for women

– the practical accessories as styling piece

Functional, elegant and chic, the belt fulfils its task. In every woman’s wardrobe they can be found – belts. Bravely, the belt does its job of keeping your too wide waistband together and it looks fantastic. It has been around since the Bronze Age. Several belts of metal links and chain cords were found in Bronze Temporal Graves. The closure of the Bronze and Iron Age belt consists of a belt hook. The belt buckle is an innovation from Roman times.

Women’s belts are timeless and exist as long as we can think. As a styling piece, they are no longer to be imagined from the fashion world. Classic belts or extravagant IT pieces the decision is up to you. They are available in black, brown or colorful.

The casual belts for women of 24 Colours make you look really casual in a pair of blue jeans. Belts in the 90’s lookare again in vogue. You can wear them e.g. with a light blue mom jeans and a vintage look oversized T-shirt. A floral retro look dress fits both a wide eighties lookor a thin classic belt. Belts over cardigans and coats also make themselves very good eye-catcher. The wide hip belts are recommended via a jumpsuit.

The belt for women sets a real fashion statement and underlines your look.

Shoppe current belts for women in the No Cream Store. We have carefully selected the best models of the season for you. So that you don’t have to look through pointless 30 pages of belts, we only have the icing on the cake for you. We ship for free within 2-3 days directly on your doorstep. We would be happy to advise you to find the perfect outfit for you. Our motto is quality over quantity. All our products are sustainably produced, made in Europe, vegan and made of high quality materials, depending on the brand.

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